SIMCO Targets South America


A step ahead with simply SIMCOSIMCO Targets South American Mining Sector

18 August 2020: Leading Australian Mining Wear Parts & Mining Services Company, SIMCO Mining Products & Services, today announced a medium-term expansion strategy that will target the offering of its industry leading mining products into the South American Mining Sector

Since founded in 2010, SIMCO has built a reputation for quality of its key products and services – including Dragline Buckets, Dragline Rigging and Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T). It is an established product range on many of Queensland’s largest coal mines and has enjoyed success internationally already with sales in a variety of countries including India, China, and South Africa.

With innovation being a core part of SIMCO’s DNA, the near term will also see the expansion of its product range into Buckets and Wear Part for Electric Rope Shovels and Hydraulic Excavators.


“South America has always been on our radar, but to be successful we wanted to ensure we have a suite of wear parts products that are fit for purpose in the harsh conditions experienced in countries such as Chile and Peru” Martin Simpson stated. “With our advances in products and product design that suit Electric Rope Shovels and Hydraulic Excavators the time is right to broaden our business footprint to include South America” Simpson continued.

DUROX™ Excavator Buckets
South America’s mining opportunities continue to attract international capital which means that that continent will only increase as a mining destination point in the coming years.

quote“We will investigate ways in which we will enter that market, including by way of distributors, strategic partnerships or other approaches. With the world currently impacted by COVID 19, our timetable for this initiative will be across the remainder of 2020 and into 2021” Simpson continued.

Amongst SIMCO’s many achievements was the delivery in 2013 of the World’s largest carrying capacity Dragline Bucket to Queensland’s Curragh Mine, which has the ability of moving payloads of over 260 tonnes of dirt per swing.